Black Figurines for the African American Family

Sculpture of African Woman

African Women Statues

Figurine of a woman and her panther.

List Price: $37.95

ON SALE - $34.95

A fine african woman
with her black panther.

Approx. 12.75" high

Temporarily Sold Oout!

Figurine of a woman and her panther in Faux Bronze.

List Price: $37.95

ON SALE - $34.95

A fine lady
with her panther in Faux Bronze - Ebony

Approx. 11.75" high

Temporarily - Out of Stock!

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African Woman Statue.

List Price: $24.95

ON SALE - $22.95

Woman Statue
displays the elegance
of the African woman.

7" X 10"



Figurine of a woman and her CHEETAH.

List Price: $37.95

ON SALE - $34.95

A fine lady
with her cheetah.

Approx. 12.0" high


Discontinued - Only 1 left!

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