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Jazz Figurines

Brief Chronology of African-American Music and Jazz

Before 1850 Folk music based on African forms.
White dance and band music.

Circa 1850
Plantation songs sung by slaves.
Minstrelsy was white music meant to copy plantation songs.

During the Civil War
Slave Songs of the United States published by William Francis Allen,
Charles Pickford Ware and Lucy McKim Garrison.
Slave Songs of the Georgia Sea Islands published by Lydia Parrish.

After the Civil War
Prison songs.

Late 1800's
Blues develops and is complete by 1910.

Ragtime develops and is the most popular music in America between 1900 and 1911.

Early 1900's
Marching band music, Ragtime and the Blues begin
to be fused into early Jazz roots.

1910 - 1920
Jazz is born in New Orleans via a combination of black and creole music.

New Orleans Jazz is the thing. The Jazz Age is born.

Swing is king and this is the only time that
Jazz and popular are the same thing.

Bebop is born. It is later called simply Bop.

Hard Bop or Funk and Cool Jazz take over.

Modal and Free Jazz find followers.

Jazz fuses with one of its derivatives (Rock) to form Jazz-Rock or Fusion.

Contemporary Jazz age begins.

Hip-Hop and other forms emerge. Hard Bop revival.

Jazz Figurines
A five piece Jazz set
ON SALE - $113.00

Full set of 5 figures.
Trumpet Player
Sax Player
Guitar Player
Lead Singer
Bass Player

Approx. 9.0" high


A six piece Jazz set
ON SALE - $140.00

Full set of 6 figures.
Trumpet Player
Sax Player
Guitar Player
Lead Singer
Bass Player

Temporarily - Out of Stock!

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A seven piece Jazz set
ON SALE - $165.00

Full set of 7 figures.
Trumpet Player
Sax Player
Guitar Player
Lead Singer
Bass Player
Keyboard Player


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