Black Figurines for the African American Family
African American Figurines, Art and Gifts
for the "African American Family"

Give the Gift of an ..

African American Figurine

that shouts "Black is Beautiful" (very beautiful!)

Our African American Figurines and Sculpture created
in "Alabastrite" are fashioned by combining oxy-lite and poly-stone
to form a stone-based, poly-resin material.

This unique combination allows the sculpting mastery of the artisan to be
captured in intricate detail, with the end result being
an exquisitely finished figurine.

African American Angel and Cherub Figurines

Angel with Daisies in Lavender List Price: $16.95

ON SALE - $14.95

Angel with Daisies
in Lavender

4.5" high.


Only 2 left!

I Love You Angel
List Price: $17.95

ON SALE!! - $14.95

A Black Angel Figurine that
features a sweet little child angel
dressed in yellow, complete with halo,
and holding a tablet
that reads
"I love You".

6.0" high.


Only 2 left!

Innocent Angel with her bear
List Price: $14.95

Show the sisters in your family
that their bond is forever.

5.25" high


Only 3 left!

Late Again Trio
A Late Again Trio of Black Angels.
List Price: $17.95

ON SALE - $14.95

4.0 x 5.25" high.


Hear No Evil See No Evil Speak No Evil Trio in Pink

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil Trio of Black Angels in
dressed in Pink.
List Price: $17.95

ON SALE - $14.95

4.0 x 5.25" high.


Only 2 left!

Hear No Evil See No Evil Speak No Evil Trio in White

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil Trio of Black Angels
dressed in White.
List Price: $17.95

ON SALE - $14.95

4.0 x 5.25" high.


No Evil Cherubs List Price: $22.95

ON SALE - $19.95

Three Good Cherubs,
Hear No Evil, See No Evil,
Speak No Evil

Approx 3.5" high

Temporarily - Out of Stock!

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Praying Angel Girl

List Price: $14.95

ON SALE - $11.95

Praying Angel Girl

4-1/4" high


Praying Angel Boy

List Price: $14.95

ON SALE - $11.95

Praying Angel Boy

4-1/4" high


Only 3 left!

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